Here are 7 things you shouldn’t say to a Millennial

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asdSince Millennials have now emerged as the largest generation in Canada’s workforce, it is going to become increasingly important to learn how to work with them. Even though a large percentage of Millennials won’t be ready to become the managers you may need figure some of these things out in advance (make that sooner rather than later).

1. Just do it because I said so!

Being bossy is not popular with millennials. Giving a Millennial limited instructions and directions and only bits of information is one sure way to lose their trust and interest. When it comes to completing an assignment they thrive on feeling a sense of connection and ownership. Giving a Millennial orders and not truly making them a part of the team won’t help to build the connection they seek with their work.

2. You’ll have to wait for IT to get that for you.

Millennials are very familiar and comfortable with technology. They know the latest apps, the newest chat channels, and the greatest software. Telling them to wait to get a piece of technology approved by the IT department will be a big source of frustration and hindrance for them.

3. We’ll talk about that Later.

Have important conversations later – at annual performance reviews, for example, won’t work well either… giving feedback, explaining things, strategic discussions etc. are things that supervisors tend to put off till later. Millennials want to be a part of the strategic conversation. They want to share in the discussions and want their opinions to be heard. They need immediate feedback and if possible on the spot.

4. You got to get this done.

Giving a millennial a task and asking them to get it done without any other explanation will be upsetting to him for sure! Millennials like to understand not just what the task is but also why you want it done, how it fits into the overall vision for the municipality, and how it upholds the mission of the organization.

5. You are going to have to get this done by yourself.

As much as millennials love their alone time with their devices, this generation thrives on human contact. Making them work alone will demoralize millennials. It is not that they are not capable of finishing tasks on their own, it’s just that they like to collaborate.

6. This will be your career path:

Millennials thrive on self-sufficiency and by taking charge of their career destiny. Don’t just arbitrarily put them into roles and paths that you think is best for them. Engage them in conversations about their career.  Where possible let them make decisions concerning their career paths.

7. What you are asking for doesn’t fit with our policy.

Flexible work arrangements are important to millennials. Being able to work from home or choose flexible work hours allows them to take care of other commitments. Honoring their commitments is a big deal for Millennials. Just blaming your decision to say “no” on policy especially if you have not given it a try won’t sit well with a Millennial.

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