Our Five Step Search Process

I.  Recruiting

We are a Canada-wide search company that is exclusively dedicated to municipal recruiting. We are recruiters and generally do not use newspaper advertising. The recruiting part of the process is designed to identify and target key individuals. Once a long-list has been compiled, we assist you in implementing our unique and guaranteed A.S.K. Assessment Process™.

II.  Selection

Our A.S.K. ™ Selection Questionnaire is the centerpiece of our selection process. Also included is an analysis and a Report Card. Several years ago at Ravenhill Group, we concluded that the ‘right questions’ asked in the ‘right way’ helped our clients determine which candidate could really perform on the job. We also created an assessment process that eliminated the dangers of gut level decision-making when hiring.

III.   Interviewing

A.S.K. Interviewer Advantage, is a set of customized questions and includes a scoring key. Once the questionnaires have been evaluated and used to prepare a summary helping to determine your short-list, you are ready to interview. Our non-traditional approach to interview questions gives you the A.S.K. Interviewer Advantage.

Interviewer Advantage. We create a variety of questions to keep the interview moving, with subjects that get to the heart of the job requirements. We will facilitate interviews when requested. Included is a formula to help staff/council score the candidates answers for easier evaluation.

IV.  Municipal-Specific Testing

The A.S.K.™360 psychometric evaluation is an aptitude test designed specifically for municipal administration. At the discretion of the client, all short-list candidates are tested. We provide constructive feedback to both client and candidate in a full report. A normative psychometric profiling evaluation, A.S.K.™360 identifies strengths and assesses fit.

V. Reference Checking

A.S.K. 360 Reference Checking on demand referencing is a customized, on-line, high-speed reference checking and reporting system that will quickly provide your municipality with comprehensive, measurable and accurate references for each candidate.


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