Ravenhill Group aims to meet the growing demand for good, qualified administrative municipal leaders through authentic one-to-one recruiting. We do this by bringing the very best men and women face-to-face with career opportunities they were previously unaware of because they simply weren’t thinking of a job change.


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We are Ethical Head Hunters™. We actively search for the best people for you, and never forget we represent you. We also deal fairly, respectfully and honestly with all your candidates. For many years, we have recruited key executives for our clients. Since 2006, we have specialized in Municipal Search work only.
We network extensively and attend municipal conferences like CAMA, ROMA, SUMA, LGAA and AUMA. This put us in close contact with key players across Canada. It also allows us to get to know and work with the brightest and best municipal managers across Canada at a “grass roots” level. Hundreds of municipal leaders, from the smallest to the largest towns and cities from coast to coast, know us.

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