Be careful how you talk to yourself… You are listening.

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3A man was driving along a country road, very late one night, on his way home from a job interview. It had been a long day and he was tired. Suddenly, there was a loud “bang” followed by that familiar “kathunk, kathunk” of a flat tire. Pulling the car safely to the side of the road he took a deep breath, stepped out of the car and reluctantly rolled up his sleeves. Pulling the spare tire from the trunk, he discovered, much to his surprise and bewilderment that the car had no jack. By now it was nearly midnight.

Upset – mostly at himself, he hollered into the night at no one in particular- it made him feel better though- dogs barked in the distance so he stopped yelling. As he was kicking at the flat tire wondering what he could do he noticed a farm house about a mile away, he thought. He could make out a porch light and from afar. The place looked friendly enough. So he set out walking to see if he could borrow a jack from the friendly farmer.
The walking wasn’t easy across uneven terrain. “Farmers are really salt of the earth people” he thought – “any I have known”, he told himself, “would help anybody, anytime”. As he stumbled along in the dark our friend began to contemplate that in all likelihood he would be waking the farmer up from a well-deserved sleep… “After all”, he reasoned, “farmers do work hard ‘early to bed…’ as the poem goes. But why the heck would a farmer, even a tired one, be upset at someone else’s misfortune, he mused? Look” he said to himself, it wasn’t my fault that the stupid tire went flat right at this particular time and place – that’s right”, he thought “there would be no reason for the farmer to be annoyed at all”. The further he walked the more he fussed and fumed and the more he fussed and fumed the more he thought about the totally unreasonable farmer not appreciating his situation. That nasty farmer, he thought will just have to understand.”

After stumbling and groping his way along a fence line and across a muddy field our friend got caught in a sticker bush, then lost a shoe in the mud. The poor fella was exhausted… finally, he scrambled over one last fence and made his way across the lawn to the farm house, then up the steps. New thoughts flooded in. “What if the farmer has a gun? What if he sics his big dog on me? What if the son-of-a gun somehow takes advantage of the situation when he realizes I’m alone?”
The man became so angry about the whole situation that he was now completely beside himself, convinced that the farmer was going to have a ‘hairy fit’ finding a stranger at his door, at almost one o’clock in the morning!
Heart pounding, veins bulging in anger, our friend finally summons his courage and begins pounding on the door! An upstairs light flickers to life and our friend can hear people talking – someone was coming down the stairs. Exhausted the stranded traveler imagines a red faced, bug eyed farmer wrenching open that door! Footsteps…the door cracks open a bit and a voice says meekly…  “What can I do fer ya friend?”
The stranded man, now in a full blown rage screams, “OH, keep your DAMN jack!” turns and storms back across the field to his still-stranded car!

Bruce Malcolm

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Bruce's background includes 30+ years of human resource management experience covering all aspects of HR administration with a clear specialty in team building and recruiting. He created and developed the concept of “Ethical Head-Hunting™”. Bruce began his recruiting career in 1971 with Prudential Assurance.

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