Municipality of Kincardine


Director of Public Works


Directs and manages the Public Works department to facilitate road construction and maintenance, water and waste management, facility and equipment maintenance, street lighting, cemetery maintenance, sidewalks, Municipal drains and garbage collection and recycling and landfill site operations.

Reports To: Chief Administrative Officer




  1. As a member of the senior management team develops, recommends and implements short term goals and long-term plans to support Council’s strategic directions.
  2. As a member of the greater management team, communicates information, resolves problems, prepares reports and acts as a resource for the team.
  3. Attends Council and Committee meetings to act as a resource and present reports related to department activities.
  4. Coordinates department activities with other departments and agencies.
  5. Develops, recommends and implements capital and operating department budgets, monitoring progress throughout the year and taking corrective actions.
  6. Develops, recommends and implements department long term goals and strategies to meet the goals.
  7. Liaises with representatives at a variety of levels of government and private industry to communicate and receive information.
  8. Manages staff to ensure optimum working relations between departments and to facilitate the achievement of Council’s objectives.
  9. Manages staff to ensure the delivery of municipal services.
  10. Mediates and facilitates the resolution of issues.
  11. Fosters and directs new strategic initiatives such as the Geographic Information System.


  1. Supervises staff, interviewing and hiring new employees, carrying out performance appraisals, directing the training and development of staff and carrying out disciplinary actions.
  2. Coaches, counsels and motivates staff to maintain positive morale and ensure effective working relations amongst staff.


  1. Oversees and directs the daily operation and maintenance of the Public Works Department to ensure laws and regulations are followed.
  2. Prepares project work schedules, reviews work, determines overtime requirements, schedules staff and authorizes staff expense accounts.
  3. Approves time sheets and time allocations.
  4. Approves purchase orders, invoices and contract progress payments.
  5. Manages the tendering process to identify suppliers of services and materials and negotiate contracts.
  6. Evaluates services and recommends new or alternate methods of supplying services.
  7. Oversees engineering records, maps and plans.
  8. Reviews drawings and tender documents for larger projects prepared by outside consultants.
  9. Provides leadership and coordination for the mobilization, allocation and control of department resources.
  10. Directs the maintenance and repair of municipal buildings.
  11. Conducts inspections of sites, buildings and emergency situations to ensure optimum service.

Customer Service

  1. Investigates public complaints and provides resolutions.
  2. Liaises with representatives of volunteer and community organizations to provide advice related to Public Works matters.


Please reply with a compelling cover letter; Comprehensive resume; Salary history; and three (3) professional references. Confidential inquires welcomed to Mr. R. Daniel Hughes Toll Free: 1-888-447-5910 ext. 702

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