Today, as the “Baby Boomers” reach retirement age in record numbers all industries face an unprecedented shortage of good managers. The Twenty First Century represents the era of “The Perfect Storm”. In 2010 the maximum number of “Baby Boomers” reached age 57, more than any other year before or after – an automatic out year in most pension plans.

Not only do cities and towns have to compete with their private sector counterparts, municipalities across Canada are now competing with each other to hire the best people from a shrinking talent pool. In addition to the shortage of the numbers of people there is a real deficiency of general management and leadership skills… the adeptness that is needed to succeed in 21st century; like the ability to motivate a group of people; the proficiency to take a city forward in terms of its size and capacity and its capacity to deliver services.

Today’s managers must be skilled administrators. Leadership is a rare asset, and only a handful of people have it. The mastery to really energize a public work force; to mend broken cultures; to create long-term success; to lead cities that are often suffering financially or are in real growth mode but don’t have the right management team; all these are influential strengths that are too often missing from the talent pool. On top of all that, there are many cities today in desperate need of an injection of new talent.


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