We Know Our ABCs

Ads Don’t Work.

We don’t operate from a database, nor do we run costly ads waiting for candidates to contact us. All too often, the people reading the want ads or job postings are the unemployed or unhappy. The simple truth is, ADS DON’T WORK! At Ravenhill Group, our job is to eliminate the time-consuming and pitfall-laden job of recruiting for you. We’ll work hard to help you make informed decisions about the best executive and professional choices for your municipality. We understand the urgency of your needs as well as the challenges you face. By doing the search work of recruiting the best people, we ensure your access to the top talent coast to coast. We don’t just help you make a change – we make a difference!


Bold Questions

Questions are critical to our success in finding the person you want. The questions start with you to develop a job specification. We are careful to get a clear understanding of the specific requirements of the job. Asking you the right questions is the most important phase of any search; they are foundational. When we ask enough of the hard questions up front, it always shows up in the results.

During the initial phase of the search effort, we will work with you to develop a jointly agreed upon “Position and Candidate” description. It will describe as accurately as possible the qualifications, experience and personality that we will focus on during our search. There are a number of details, including the process of determining your city’s “DNA” and unique needs, which can only be sorted out when we get down to discussing an actual assignment. Asking bold questions of both the client and candidates assures that we understand your needs and the abilities needed in the person we find to meet them.


Cities Need To Find & Keep Good Talent

Many municipalities are well equipped to handle staffing. This would include everything up to middle management hiring. Recruiting or “headhunting” for senior positions is usually outside both the scope and job description of many HR Departments. Doing your own senior search inevitably means running very costly advertising, posting the position on Websites along with all the various attempts at networking, and the list goes on. These activities will undoubtedly fill up the HR Department’s in-basket with resumes. It will also tie up your staff answering phones, fielding emails and screening calls from generally unhappy and unemployed people.

The market is stretched for talented people, and it will only grow tighter as the “Baby Boomers” reach retirement age over the next few years. Today, there are more unhappy and unemployed people to choose from than at any time in the past 10 years.


Search Works

We believe that finding the right candidate is all about knowing people . . . plus hard SEARCH WORK. At Ravenhill Group, we simplify recruiting for our clients. You tell us exactly what you want. Then, through hard work and “Ethical Head-Hunting”™, we go out and find ideal candidates. The practice is high quality, effective, and, best of all, GUARANTEED! See our Contact Us page for The Ravenhill Guarantee.


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