People … Our Greatest Asset!

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People are our greatest asset

Often overlooked is the fact that people are an asset to a municipality, just like computer software or a road grader. Nonetheless, even though many municipalities cheerfully use the phrase “our people are our greatest asset”, they don’t cheerfully invest in a hiring process in the same way they would for road equipment, or even training for existing staff

Never Again!

I know a Director of Finance who made the following comment:
“I would never dream of spending $400,000 of my city’s money without having numerous meetings with stakeholders to outline the reasons for the expenditure, the process of how the money will be spent, and the metrics associated with the outcome. But, with recruiting, we don’t give it any thought. We just say we have a job opening – go fill it. I won’t ever do this again.”

Of course, there is a cost to retain a professional recruiter like Ravenhill Group … but before you decide to throw an ad in the paper and do it yourself, you really need to ask yourself: “What is the true cost of hiring the wrong person?” Click Here For Our Hiring Mistake Calculator.

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