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Finding new staff and convincing people to take a second look at your community, isn’t nearly as easy at looks … If you are living in a town, city or village you already know the “good and the bad”.

Chances are, if you are still there it’s because you believe that your municipality is a great place to live… BUT– how will future or current candidates find out about all the things that make it great?

… let’s face it, Canada is a unique country, with its more than 3700 municipalities. There are only a handful of VERY large places to live. The rest- the vast majority of the country – is made up of places just like your municipality, places that are quite small by Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and Calgary standards.

The fact is, though, people are happier in smaller places … and for lots of reasons. Researchers have indicated that people in larger centres are more likely to have moved recently, have less of a sense of belonging, plus housing prices are significantly higher in urban areas too.

Once we have established that a candidate has all the ‘right’ qualifications, then we see our job as that of being Ambassadors for your municipality. We believe our role is a dual one. Yes, we need to source outstanding, well-qualified people, but almost as important is our assignment to “sell the opportunity” … we believe that once ‘Top Talent’ people understand the quality of life that will be available to them in your town with all its amenities history and the town’s outstanding recreational facilities. Then there is a multitude of other features and benefits that make your municipality a destination. All these will make persuading these potential ‘Top Talent’ prospects much easier.

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Bruce Malcolm

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Bruce's background includes 30+ years of human resource management experience covering all aspects of HR administration with a clear specialty in team building and recruiting. He created and developed the concept of “Ethical Head-Hunting™”. Bruce began his recruiting career in 1971 with Prudential Assurance.

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